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CAD Design

Utilising the latest CAE analysis of CAD models. We eliminate any concerns with component design prior to the manufacture of production tooling. Coupled with material utilisation techniques, we ensure customers have both a robust and cost effective product.

CAD Model

1. CAD Systems

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2. Material Utilisation

Arrow CAD Simulation

3. Simulation

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4. Realisation

1. CAD Systems

Ricor has the ability to receive files in the following formats:

  • CATIA V5 R19

  • CATIA V4

  • IGES

  • STEP


  • VDA






  • STL

2. Material Utilisation

Using the latest software we accurately calculate the material size required to manufacture component parts from a 3D model. Through the use of the flat developed blank we interlace the component to ensure the most efficient material utilisation.

3. Simulation

Engineering simulate the process enabling engineers to understand, predict, and improve product performance digitally prior to the manufacture of production tooling. We can manufacture prototype parts for our customers to give them a physical part to try on the desired application.

We use the engineering knowledge gained from both of these processes to ensure that production tooling when manufactured is right 1st time.

4. Realisation

The final stage of the process is to manufacture the production tooling. When tooling is complete a buy off takes place which replicates a volume production run. Once all data is collected, evaluated and approved a full home line buy off takes place at Ricor with customer participation.