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Engineering Solutions

Dynamic and innovative engineering providing world class solutions... to exceed our customer's expectations. Highly skilled, time served Engineers allow Ricor to support both customers and the in-house manufacture of pressings and complex assemblies.

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1. Tooling

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2. Special Machinery

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3. Plant Preventative

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4. Technical Support

1. Tooling

Ricor have a wealth of experience across a wide range of different tooling including tandem, progressive and transfer dies. We have also designed and developed a number of special purpose machines in the manufacture of unique components. Our bespoke computer based preventive maintenance system ensures tooling is maintained in a controlled predictive manner.

2. Special Purpose Machinery

When customer or component expectations exceed traditional manufacturing methods we have designed and developed advanced innovative manufacturing solutions. An example of which is a dedicated transfer line for a tubular component which manipulates the tube in 2 directions, pierces, machines and automatically checks the component. This technological solution enabled our customer to secure worldwide supply.

3. Plant Preventative Maintenance

Similar to our tooling preventive maintenance system, we operate a computer based predictive system for all plant & equipment. Our highly trained maintenance team ensure high plant availabitly for our production team.

4. Technical Support

Our specialist maintenance team cover a wide range of expertise in the following:

  • Electronics / Electrical

  • Robotics – ABB. Motoman, Fanuc

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Software & Programming

  • Tooling

  • Facilities management