Employing a wide range of stamping, tube manipulation and assembly processes and supported by a highly experienced engineering team, Ricor manufacture products throughout the vehicle structure. Ricor has an ongoing commitment to investment in order to ensure it remains competitive across all target commodities and the latest developments in the industry such as the move to alternative propulsion systems.

Stamping Capabilities

With stamping capability from 50 – 1500 Tonnes across the Group, including Manual, Progression and Transfer press lines, Ricor is able to produce stamped parts for use throughout a vehicle structure in steel, stainless steel or aluminium and up to 10mm in gauge. Access to the such a wide range of stamping assets, combined with our Engineering expertise and tools sourced globally gives us the ability to deliver the optimum technical and technical solution. Ricor manufactured stampings are sold directly or feed into higher level assemblies, dependent on customer needs.

  • Bracketry through to large structural
  • Deep drawn
  • Sound deadening
  • Brightware
  • Steel HSLA and aluminium
  • In-press fixing application
  • Progression
  • Tandem
  • Transfer
  • Blanking
  • In steel (mild to high strength), stainless, aluminium and copper
  • Manual: 50T - 1500T
  • Progression: 80T - 1000T
  • Transfer: 75T - 1000T
Tube Manipulation

To support the growth in customer demand for assembly modules requiring manipulated tube Ricor has significantly invested in developing its capability in the UK and Europe. With four machines installed, Ricor is able to fully meet its requirements internally. Manipulated tubes are used within a wide variety of customer products in conjunction with stampings also produced in house and ultimately assembled together.

Assembly Capabilities

Built up over many years Ricor has developed a deep and comprehensive expertise in the assembly of products. From the application of fixings and part to part assembly through to complex module supply. Employing a variety of both automated and manual assembly techniques, Ricor is able to produce complex modules throughout the structure of a vehicle. Ricor engineering look to engage with customers as early as possible to provide input into product design process, ensuring solutions are developed according to customer specific needs.

We complement our assembly capabilities with a range of other services such as specialist surface protection, post paint assembly, dedicated packaging solutions and distribution – See Painting, Packing and Distribution.

  • Mixed Materials
  • Medium and high volume dedicated robotic assembly
  • In-Press fixings
  • Manual projection weld
  • Resistance spot welding
  • Mig and Tig welding
  • Self-pierce rivet joining
  • Manual and robot clinch nut fixing
  • Adhesive and sealer application
  • Painting services including Electrocoat, Power and Top coat
  • Post paint assembly

Following the acquisition of the Ricor North East facility we are able to offer in-house Electrophoretic Deposition (ED) painting. The ED line provides zinc phosphate pre-treatment and inline stoving to achieve 1000 hours salt spray resistance. We also provide other specialist surface protection such as wet spray, powder coating, anodising and zinc plating.

We undertake a wide range of post paint assembly activities such as specialist labelling, NVH pad application and bush insertion.

Packing and Distribution

Ricor employ dedicated packaging specialists, using the latest simulation techniques, to ensure that the product is optimally packaged for its protection in transit with the most efficient use of space. Whether directly from our manufacturing facilities or through one of our dedicated distribution centres we are able to safely and efficiently deliver products to customers globally.

Technical Support

Ricor employs a highly experienced and capable team providing support and guidance throughout the life cycle. Our engineers look to become engaged at the earliest possible point during the concept design stage, providing detailed input and guidance with the aim of delivering capable processes and optimised lifetime costs. Our input is comprehensive from material selection through to assembly conditions, fixing alternatives, surface protection options and packaging and logistics feasibility.

Once the work is nominated Ricor supports product launches with a dedicated team of programme managers and support services. This team manages all aspects of project, from vendor nomination and sourcing through to final homeline commissioning and buy-off. Regular feedback is provided via project reviews and timing plan updates.

Ricor has extensive experience in the sourcing of tooling throughout the UK, Europe and South East Asia. Due to the scale of activity a permanent dedicated team is based in China managing the complete tooling process from procurement through to buy off and shipment.

  • Design and manufacturing feasibility and process optimisation
  • Product, process and logistics scenario modelling to deliver the optimum lifetime technical and commercial solutions
  • Simultaneous engineering
  • Physical testing and validation
  • Programme management
  • VA / VE and design optimisation
  • Cell design and layout
  • Tooling feasibility
  • Commissioning
  • Logistics and distribution modelling
  • Product takeover expertise – planned and emergency
  • Experience with a wide range of materials and coatings
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